torsdag, november 9

jaaa igen!


But I don’t feel like dancin’
When the old Joanna plays
My heart could take a chance
But my two feet can’t find a way
You think that I could muster up a little soft, shoop devil sway
But I don’t feel like dancin’
No sir, no dancin’ today.

Don’t feel like dancin’, dancin’
Even if i find nothin' better to do
Don’t feel like dancin’, dancin’
Why’d you break down when I’m not in the mood?
Don’t feel like dancin’, dancin’ R
ather be home with no one when I can't get down with you

7 kommentarer:

BOBK sa...

Linda, I got a pair of black skinny jeans for the wife and she already had 2 pairs of black tall boots. But when she puts on the boots the zipper does not close because of the jeans. How do you do it?

Linda K sa...

bobk: I guess she has to fold the leg of the jeans (arhg bad english!) as close to the leg as possible? and then use some violence ;)

Tomas sa...

Visst blir man nyfiken på den där "old Joanna"?

Jag har hört att hon brukade spela på Sala Stadshotell på 60-talet medans herrarna i den övre sociteten satt på verandan utanför och drack cognacsgrogg. (Det kan hända att det är en återkommande romantisk dröm jag har...).

Linda K sa...

tomas: underbart om det var så! undrar vad hon sjöng...? :)

Tomas sa...

On the sidewalk, Sunday morning
Lies a body oozing life
Someone's sneaking round the corner
Is the someone Mack the knife?

From a tug boat by the river
A cement bag's dropping down
The cement's just for the weight, dear
Bet you Mack is back in town

Linda K sa...

tomas: ok tack :)

Tomas sa...

Du märker att jag inte har någon arbetslust va´?