onsdag, november 22

Word of the day

booze, boose, n.

1859 H OTTEN Dict. Slang. 1895 Daily Tel. 2 Dec. 5/1 She heard some men shout that they wanted some more booze. Mr. Justice Wright: ‘What?’ Mr. Willis: ‘Booze, my lord, drink.’ Mr. Justice Wright: ‘Ah!’

1896 Voice (N.Y.) 16 July 1/6 The Duckworth club consumed large quantities of booze. 1900 Daily News 8 Dec. 6/2 On his way home he drops into a pub, and gets some ‘booze’. 1932 T. S. E LIOT Sweeney Agonistes 30 We're gona sit here and drink this booze.

4 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Friday night after work we're going to go out and "booze it up"!

Over at Port Canaveral there is a free daily "booze cruise" for drinking and gambling.

Linda K sa...

bobk: you kids have fun now ;)

Anonym sa...

No Linda, I was just showing you some "modern" uses for the the word of the day.

Linda K sa...

bobk: oh, thought you were having a wild nitght out ;)