måndag, september 17

Arga bibliotekarier

This week nearly six hundred librarians gathered in Rotorua for the biggest event in their calendar - their national conference.

But before it began, one of the scheduled speakers drew more publicity than the event itself. Style queen Paula Ryan was to give a free workshop about how librarians could update their wardrobes.

It prompted a flurry of protest and angry emails from some librarians, who said her involvement only served to support the outdated librarian stereotype.

Lite komiskt tycker jag. Hittade hos Anna.

5 kommentarer:

Mie sa...

Paula Ryan göre sig icke besvär hos ilskna bibliotekarier m a o;)

Anonym sa...

The librarians in New Zealand are obviously not hip like the librarians in Sweden!

Linda K sa...

mie: ;)

bobk: of course not! ;)

anna sa...

nämen åh! jag skulle älska en workshop om hur man uppdaterar garderoben. på riktigt!

Linda K sa...

fru a: samma här!